Monday, October 15, 2012

Social Media Best Practices for Editorial and Content Optimization

For the last several years I have been developing best practices for social media content optimization using data to identify and test specific criteria that drives better results from social media efforts.  I've decided to begin blogging about these best practices so that more social practitioners can benefit, and to hear your experiences and ideas.

Using some of the practices I've identified, the 200 bloggers supported by my program and other web content owners (my former role) have:
  • increased blog page views up to 7X
  • optimized web and social content to enhance SEO and in many cases received page 1 google placement
  • improved call-to-action conversions up to 5X
I've developed maps for tweeps to help them identify the purpose of the tweets they write and craft the tweet to meet the purpose.  The twitter accounts I have worked with have a combined following that now total over 150K have delivered over 7M twitter impressions on a single campaign.

The most recent campaign I worked on, visitors to the campaign landing page coming from blog posts we optimized drove 2X the conversions than other visitors to the site and spent 5X earned time on page than traffic from other sources.

On the personal side - I live in a beautiful coastal southern Maine community and have raised my 2 nephews now embarking on careers of their own.  I enjoy going to the gym, reading, writing, and travelling.

I'm a former stand-up comedian so I hope you'll be equally enlightened and entertained.  Looking forward to sharing and hearing from you about practices you are finding beneficial in optimizing content and measuring social media.

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