Friday, October 19, 2012

Looking for a Social/Web Analyst?

I love my job.   Or is it, loved. I was part of a large restructuring WFR on Monday.  My whole team was impacted and we were part of 43 positions in our organization gone.  I have never been without a job and never been a casualty of restructuring.  I expected to feel worse.  Instead, I feel optimistic, strong, enthusiastic, excited about what's next for me.  And right now, I am feeling a lot of love.

Here's what I love.

1.Collaborating with an incredible and talented bunch of social media ambassadors, editors, partners, vendors, consultants and business stakeholders. I've learned from my very talented colleagues every day of the past 13 years.

2. Making a difference.  Just over the past year, insights I've had and recommendations I've made using data and digging in to find cause/effect has allowed us to increase the impactfulness of our blogging program 7X.  We've been able to double coverage with only a 5% increase in resources by focusing on 10 key optimization criteria in blog posts that help measurably improve views, conversions and search optimization.

3. Social, Web, and Email as instruments for measurable (and thus instantly improveable) communications that offer instant response from targeted audience. Communication is instantly impactful when done right, and each successful (and unsuccessful) communication can studied for leverageable insights to be tested and adopted as best practice.  And I am experienced in making all 3 more impactful.

4. Current and former colleagues, old and new friends, and family who have reached out and created introductions, identified opportunties and been so incredibly supportive.  I am humbled and blessed.

5.  The Unknown. I always loved a good mystery.  Either I will land on my feet or grow wings and fly.  If not this, it will be better than this!

If you are aware of any positions that may be a good fit for me, email me at  Or check out my LinkedIn Profile.

Stay tuned. I will have some free time for blogging for a bit!

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